Movie subscription service Sinemia, rival to Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc’s HMNY, +4.60%   MoviePass and AMC’s Entertainment Holdings Inc’s AMC, -1.49%  Stubs A-List, will be launching a software platform to help movie theater chains set up their own in-house movie ticket subscription services, the company announced Thursday.

In a shift away from Sinemia’s direct-to-moviegoer subscription program, the platform — called Sinemia Enterprise and set to launch later this month — is a service offered to theaters to help them set up their own chain-specific subscription plans. Sinemia Enterprise will also take care of the management of the subscription plans, handling monthly or annual payment processing, customer relationship management, fraud detection systems and management of an iOS or Android app where subscribers can buy tickets and reserve seats.

“When we launched Sinemia, our mission was to help as many moviegoers as possible enjoy an affordable and better experience at the movies by providing a subscription app that integrates an offline and online experience,” said Sinemia Chief Executive Rifat Oguz in a statement. “By partnering with theaters around the globe, we believe we can help more moviegoers, which will help us create a bigger economy for the entire industry.”

At the same time, launching a platform to help theaters set up and manage their own subscription plans seems like a curious move. Sinemia already operates its own subscription service, which has a range of monthly offerings from one movie a day for $29.99 to one movie a month for $4.99. The company did not respond to a request for comment on how Enterprise will fit in with the company’s own subscription plan.

The company didn’t announce any initial customers for Enterprise.

In a world of rising movie ticket prices, declining theater attendance and growing at-home entertainment options, subscriptions have been touted as the future of the movie industry. It hasn’t quite worked out for competitor MoviePass, but proponents of the model say success is just a matter of the right pricing.

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