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I bought a house for my son, but now his wife is divorcing him and wants half of it

This woman says she tried to help her family with a big inheritance, but fears it has now backfired.

My brother borrowed $50,000 from my dad and never paid it back — what can we do?

This woman’s brother is a co-trustee of her father’s estate.

10 tips for getting accepted into college if you don’t have wealthy parents

There’s no need to obsess over attending an elite school like the families named in the college admissions scandal.

Are elite colleges really a ‘golden ticket’ to a successful life?

The college admissions scandal highlights how a coveted status symbol may actually mean very little.

Parents in the college admissions scandal cheated their kids out of learning grit

Students with more grit are more likely to show higher levels of resilience and mental well-being, research shows.

Sorry, but that $1,100 standing desk won’t make you thinner

An analysis of standing desk research finds these workstations have ‘minimal impact’ on health and performance — but standing desk users disagree.

My father is leaving his property to our elder brother, but his daughters are left high and dry

This woman says she and her sisters want to talk to their father about doing what they believe is fair.

College counselors say wealthy parents regularly ask for illegal ‘backdoors’ to get their kids into college

Most families don’t pay bribes to get their kids into college — but many wealthy parents know other ways.

The $25 million parents spent on bribes could pay 3,000 students to attend community college

An elite tier of schools that educate a tiny fraction of America’s college students capture the bulk of the money devoted to higher education institutions, data show.

5 legitimate charities that help low-income students get into college

The college admissions scandal has thrown a welcome spotlight on other charities that genuinely try to help young people.

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As Congress readies for hearings, here’s a look at Boeing’s influence in Washington

Here’s how Boeing, under pressure in Washington in the wake of a deadly crash, has wielded influence in the nation’s capital.

Mortgage rates skid to lowest level in a year

Mortgage rates skidded last week to the lowest level in a year.

Here’s how the SEC should decide if companies should report earnings only every 6 months

Embrace benefit-cost analysis in a serious way.

New home sales drop 7% in January as housing market gets off to slow start in 2019

Sales of new U.S. homes in the U.S. dropped almost 7% in January, indicating the housing market got off to a slow start in early 2019 amid a partial government shutdown and patches of unusually harsh winter weather. New-home sales declined to a 607,000 annual rate.

Why larger tax bills this year could make this investment even more popular

Analysts say municipal bonds are set to thrive after tax season exposes the hit from recent tax legislation passed in 2017

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