Nike, Intel and Caterpillar lead the Dow lower. See full story.

Dow tumbles over 500 points as yuan slide deepens U.S.-China trade fight

Stocks trade sharply lower, with Wall Street joining a global equity selloff after China allowed its currency to fall to a more-than-10-year low versus the dollar. See full story.

Cloudflare drops 8chan as a client after mass shootings, calling it ‘a cesspool of hate’

Internet security company and network provider Cloudflare Inc. said it would drop 8chan as a client Sunday, a day after two mass shootings left nearly 30 dead and hours after the message board’s founder condemned the site as “a receptive audience for domestic terrorists.” See full story.

Uber’s and Lyft’s losses will stand in sharp contrast with Disney’s ‘Endgame’ earnings windfall

Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. were expected to lose money for a while after their initial public offerings, but so far the two ride-hailing companies are losing more than just investors’ money. See full story.

Vegan company bosses call for grocers to scrap the word meat and launch a ‘protein aisle’

The bosses of vegan-friendly firm The Meatless Farm have called for the traditional meat aisle in supermarkets to be replaced by the “protein aisle.” See full story.


Consumer advocates have an important recommendation for first-time buyers. See full story.