People are focusing on the new iPhone 11’s multiple camera lenses — and a lot of it isn’t pretty.

In fact, many of the knee-jerk reactions to the new phones revealed during Apple’s annual fall event on Tuesday slammed the bulky camera housing on the back as being downright ugly.

The iPhone 11, which starts at $699, features three cameras (one in the front, and two rear cameras) that boast the ability to take slow-motion selfies, ultrawide shots and “night mode” images in extremely low lighting. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (which start at $999 and $1,099, respectively) feature a third rear camera for customers who want the “most sophisticated technology,” explained Apple CEO Tim Cook during the presentation.

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But the increasing number of round lenses on the back of the iPhone 11 series had many viewers comparing the smartphone to a stovetop.

Still others said the cluster of lenses resembled tarantula eyes, a Furby — and even a “surprised Cindy Crawford.”

Worst of all, many claimed that the bundle of round lenses on the back of the phones was triggering their trypophobia, which is a fear or aversion of clusters of small holes or bumps, like the air bubbles in a chocolate bar, a honeycomb or the body of a strawberry.

The much-debated design won’t necessarily deter consumers from buying the iPhone 11 series, which is available for preorder beginning this Friday, however. Plenty of others like the iPhone’s new looks — or they are so excited about the abilities of the new cameras (such as taking slow-motion selfies, or “slofies,” as Apple is selling them) that they don’t care about the multiple lenses on the back.

Some are worried about their bank accounts, though.

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