Population density — both in the city and within households — contributes to the challenge of reining in the pandemic in the five boroughs. See full story.

Dow gains more than 500 points in volatile trading as investor juggle fiscal stimulus against coronavirus fears

U.S. stocks are attempting to register two straight days of gains early Wednesday after lawmakers reached an agreement on a $2 trillion economic rescue package overnight, aimed at helping dampening the blow from the COVID-19 pandemic that has seized up business activity in much of the country. See full story.

Bill Gates on Trump call for quick end to lockdown: It’s tough to tell people ‘keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner’

Bill Gates told Vox Media during an interview that “it’s very irresponsible for somebody to suggest that we can have the best of both worlds,” referring to mitigating the impact of the deadly pathogen on human lives and keeping the economy whirring normally. See full story.

More than a week into its lockdown, Spain longs for the coronavirus to loosen its deadly grip

Spain is about to announce another 15 days of a strict lockdown. About 10 days in, this is how that fight is going. See full story.

China will emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than the U.S., experts warn

The coronavirus pandemic gripping the globe may have its origins in China, but experts say that current trends indicate the crisis will leave it in a much stronger position geopolitically relative to the United States. See full story.


A teen in Los Angeles could be the first person under 18 to die of the disease in the U.S., and nearly 54% of hospitalized coronavirus patients in New York were between 18 and 49. See full story.