Several ESG-oriented money managers hold the high-performing shares of Hangzhou Hikvision, despite allegations that it has abetted human-rights abuses. See full story.

It’s not a recession — it’s a reversion (to the mean)

The economy is slowing after a short-term burst, but, unless Trump’s trade war with China gets a lot worse, a recession is not in the cards, writes Tim Mullaney. See full story.

Here’s the damage done to the stock market since Trump’s May 5 trade tweet

Major assets are reflecting deepening concerns about the durability of bull run for stocks which will mark its 10th year in about a month. See full story.

Outrage over report that White House ordered USS John McCain out of Trump’s sight

A new report that the White House asked the U.S. Navy to keep the USS John McCain warship “out of sight” during President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Japan spurred shock and outrage on social media Wednesday night. See full story.

Canada Goose downgraded after biggest percentage decline for stock since IPO

Canada Goose was downgraded at Bank of America a day after the company reported a sales miss and its stock took a plunge topping 30%. See full story.


People who prefer red or white wine may have different personality traits and financial habits. See full story.